defeating fear

in a blanket of sleep I will wrap myself until this feeling passes under a blanket of snow I will bury myself hibernate this feeling away this feeling is not real it is fear overdone and its defeat will come in the morn

the panic

the first time was when I saw that photograph that he said wasn’t what it looked like that was the first time that it ripped through me this panic unwordable fear he lied it was exactly what it looked like and he broke me and still I suffer


falling through the sky wind whistling past ears mouth wide open in a scream sound whipped away by wind tears ripped from cold cheeks scrabbling for a hand hold feeling nothing but air no way to stop this descent no breath left in lungs heart racing, dizzy, blind legs windmill uselessly tingling turns to ice…… Continue reading Falling


A moment of pure panic Breath comes fast Tears push against closed lids Hands shake I find myself rocking gently As the sobs come Holding myself tightly And trying to conjure up a comforting voice Hush now, hush now Everything’s going to be alright