nature weeps

Mother Nature’s moodswings as violent as my own she is weeping and wailing her tears pour down my window pane her cries whistle round the chimney such confusion it should be spring but she is so cold and alone nothing makes sense in this mixed up world the gentle warmth of spring sunshine is forgotten…… Continue reading nature weeps

Sunset Burns

transfixed by fire in the sky mind stolen, seared through unable to wrench my eyes from this glorious vision drifting with the deep gold light drinking in the molten colours the world is nothing but a silhouette stark contrast with this wonder drench my soul with blazing glow rend the air with dazzling flames the hills ignite…… Continue reading Sunset Burns

Music is not a strong enough word

when darkness rages cross the sky responsibilities abated I let slip my grip on being “normal” I close my eyes and lose myself in sounds of melodies of hearts and souls and time slows and bows and warps and slides and my mind glides away washed with emotions evoked drenched with passions explored body moving to…… Continue reading Music is not a strong enough word