Future Flowers

Back in February 2016 I bought myself an Orchid. I didn’t have a great track record of keeping plants alive at that point, but I decided I would enjoy the flowers and see if I could keep it going. Back then, I didn’t know that in the future I would still be enjoying this lovelyContinue reading “Future Flowers”


who was I a year ago? what was I thinking? from this angle looking back I wonder at myself lost and confused misled, exploited foolish and even now at this distance it pains me to remember so forgive me if I cling to you my love I am floored by how far I have comeContinue reading “perspective”

A Girl and a Buoy

A(nother) poetry duet by Blue Girl & Bruce Ruston Bruce, of Brain Jar and Inkinetica fame, is in italics Blue Girl, less than famous, is not in italics ~ I set aside my past Attempt to grasp the future It reaches back and pulls me on To find the thing I’m searching for ~~~ the hurtContinue reading “A Girl and a Buoy”