New Traditions (and crochet update)

As you may know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, last year I crocheted a set of Christmas baubles. We also bought a living tree last year, for the first time, and the baubles were gradually added to it as I made them. This has started a new tradition for us. We…… Continue reading New Traditions (and crochet update)

don’t bring me roses

just me don’t bring me roses  with their blood red petals   with their gentle fragrance    with their thorny stems     with their soft cool frills I could hold them close   and breath in their scent but I’d rather hold you I could look in wonder   at their perfect beauty but I’d rather look at you I…… Continue reading don’t bring me roses

Love Spillage

emotion built love spilt all over pristine floors spoils the illusion of perfection and flings open doors revealing the truth love is uncouth doesn’t obey the rules it’s no fairy tale more weep and wail and it makes us into fools but i’d rather be a fool for love than never love at all