Blooming Wheelbarrow

We have an old wheelbarrow with a broken wheel. It was no good to anyone so we were thinking it needed to go to the tip. But Bruce had a bright idea to turn it into something beautiful… So Bruce drilled some holes, me and my daughter did some shopping, and between us we made…… Continue reading Blooming Wheelbarrow

Summer Sunday Stroll

Yesterday was warm and quite sunny so we headed out for a short walk around the village. Before leaving I noticed that our Buddleia flowers are just starting to come out: There were quite a few Birds Foot Trefoils growing in the grassy areas There are also other similar but taller flowers which I’ve identified…… Continue reading Summer Sunday Stroll


My Country Diary will be added to during this coming year (2014) along the lines of “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”. I’m hoping to blog at least once a month (if not more) to note what is going on in nature in my area. I’ll try and look for some of the same…… Continue reading Introduction

Garden Pinks

Remember how much I like the Sea Pinks (or Thrift)? Well now I have them in my own garden! Last weekend we bought a couple of plants for the garden and this was one of them. So now I don’t have to go to the beach to enjoy them 🙂 We also planted lavender which…… Continue reading Garden Pinks

Spring Blossom

As you may have noticed, if you pay attention to such things, all my recent posts have been photos I took last week or the week before … nothing brand new. This is because I was at work all week, and rather lacking in photography time. Thankfully the weekend started as soon as I finished…… Continue reading Spring Blossom