subtly (?) shuffling blogs about
I settle on one
back in my home
in the press of words
and you are all here
one hopes
thank you
my lovelies



at night it comes
steals sleep from me
and wracks my body’s
weary bones
and every cough
brings stabs of pain
in muscles strained
by repetition
’til here I sit
in break from work
head throbbing
back twinging
day-dreaming of my bed
and wishing
to float away
on peaceful clouds
and rest a while
regain my strength
and try again


the snowball
that is me unravelling
rolls downhill
growing in size
from one small thing
the world starts to spin
faster and wilder
tumbling and falling
’til I crash in your arms
squeaky voice tears
soaking your shirt
and hold on tight
to your love

drum beat

the drum beat
pulses through my veins
louder than my blood
from gentle heartbeat
to crashing crescendo
and my body moves
from a place deep within
to the irresistible rhythm
and I dance
eyes closed
lost in the moment
of bliss

morning moon

1-moonthe morning moon hangs low
over the treetops
like a ripe fruit
watching over the hills
calm and serene

across the valley
the sun stretches and yawns
sends sunbeams bouncing off clouds
grabbing attention
dazzling eyes

the morning moon rests
wide smiling face relaxed
soft and gently glowing
patiently biding time
til darkness falls again

from those who get a little blue

it will pass

             we know


     while it holds us there
           crushed in the dark
     while it sucks away
           all our confidence

     while it allows
           life to overwhelm us

excuse us
       if we don't smile

excuse us
       if we moan and groan
                 and float about like
                           miserable rain clouds

we do know
          how lucky we are
we do know
          we are loved
we do know
          we are not as worthless as we think

but we can't feel it
                     right now

poets in love

words touched words
ere fingertips
reached across the kismet
darkness seen
exposed and loved
though eyes had not met yet

souls entwined
with letters scribed
on each tangled tendril
hearts embraced
as stanzas wrapped
pulses soothed and tranquil

now combined
both word and deed
love poems penned on skin
in our eyes
with lover’s gaze
the message plain within

ink flows through
these fated veins
stains our home with colour
you and I
for ever more
a poetic wonder

For those new to my story, this is auto-biographical – Bruce & I met online via our poetry blogs, fell in love by words, and now live together very happily

the panic

first time
was when I saw
that photograph
that he said
wasn’t what it
looked like
that was the
first time
that it ripped
through me
this panic

he lied
it was exactly
what it looked like

and he broke me
and still I suffer

Spring in October

I’ve been through the dying days of autumn
where all was drying, cracking, ending
I’ve been through the silent days of winter
where all was empty, frozen, lonely
This feels like spring despite October
written on the changing leaves
Springtime came, false start at first
with storms and sudden icy blasts of lies
But that early opening set the scene
for truth, emerging buds like crocus flowers
And as the soft earth warms, we stretch our stems
towards each other, seeking light that shines
in glorious newness of our season in the sun