Change of season

The seasons are definitely changing here in the UK. Despite some lovely sunny days it’s certainly not summer any longer and the crisp misty mornings are not the only give away. Change is visible all around in the trees and hedgerows. This is a young Shieldbug sitting on a bramble leaf. I love how theContinue reading “Change of season”


at night it comes steals sleep from me and wracks my body’s weary bones and every cough brings stabs of pain in muscles strained by repetition ’til here I sit in break from work head throbbing back twinging day-dreaming of my bed and wishing to float away on peaceful clouds and rest a while regainContinue reading “cough”

morning moon

the morning moon hangs low over the treetops like a ripe fruit watching over the hills calm and serene across the valley the sun stretches and yawns sends sunbeams bouncing off clouds grabbing attention dazzling eyes the morning moon rests wide smiling face relaxed soft and gently glowing patiently biding time til darkness falls again

from those who get a little blue

it will pass we know but while it holds us there crushed in the dark while it sucks away all our confidence while it allows life to overwhelm us excuse us if we don’t smile excuse us if we moan and groan and float about like miserable rain clouds we do know how lucky weContinue reading “from those who get a little blue”

poets in love

words touched words ere fingertips reached across the kismet darkness seen exposed and loved though eyes had not met yet souls entwined with letters scribed on each tangled tendril hearts embraced as stanzas wrapped pulses soothed and tranquil now combined both word and deed love poems penned on skin in our eyes with lover’s gazeContinue reading “poets in love”