curling up in a chair feet tucked under book in hand running up the stairs in a rush with springs in my feet sleeping all night rolling over and stretching long and wide waking refreshed and full of life scrambling up a muddy bank hanging precariously from a branch while getting that shot bending toContinue reading “mourning”

Wayside Flowers

Wayside Flowers Pluck not the wayside flower, It is the traveller’s dower; A thousand passers-by Its beauties may espy, May win a touch of blessing From Nature’s mild caressing. The sad of heart perceives A violet under leaves Like sonic fresh-budding hope; The primrose on the slope A spot of sunshine dwells, And cheerful messageContinue reading “Wayside Flowers”

Spring will come

When I’m feeling down, when all I can see is endless pain and weariness, I try to remember this. spring will come Regardless of what is going on right now, however bleak it may look or feel, things can and will change. Spring will come. Each year new life does return and that gives me optimismContinue reading “Spring will come”

light up the dark

we we are humanity and throughout the centuries we have proved over and over that we have the capacity for great evil terrible acts of violence power-hungry obsessions clawing our way to awful heights on the backs of the innocent but we also have the capacity for great love so love love hugely love widelyContinue reading “light up the dark”

Change of season

The seasons are definitely changing here in the UK. Despite some lovely sunny days it’s certainly not summer any longer and the crisp misty mornings are not the only give away. Change is visible all around in the trees and hedgerows. This is a young Shieldbug sitting on a bramble leaf. I love how theContinue reading “Change of season”


It felt impossible to sum up my inspirations in one single photo, so I made a image based on one of my favourite photos that I’ve taken, with extra layers of inspiration added to it. I am inspired by nature, music, poetry and love 🙂 ❤ Had I the heaven’s embroidered cloths, Enwrought with goldenContinue reading “Inspired”

Musing on my Muse

my muse is all around me the air, the soil, the sky the warm embrace of mother nature the flash of butterfly wings the shimmer of bug on leaf the breeze through the long grass the buzz of bumbling bees the splash of a tiny frog as flowers open to the sun showing their hearts on their sleevesContinue reading “Musing on my Muse”