Best Christmas Outfit

17/12/16 – Edited to add:

The vote is now closed! Thank you for voting. The winner is number 10! Congratulations 🙂

Photo number 10


At the weekend I was at the Christmas Show Jumping competition at Rheidol Riding Centre. While rosettes were awarded for the various rounds, there wasn’t an award for the best dressed rider on the day. So I thought, for a bit of fun, since I photographed everyone, maybe we could have a vote to see who we think was the best dressed rider.

Here are all the riders who dressed up (click on a photo to see it larger, and you can then scroll through them to see them all):

Each photo has a number so you can vote for your favourite in the poll here:

To thank the riders for their efforts which added lots of fun to my photography, I’ll give the winner a prize of some sort … maybe a free digital download of themselves in action? Or maybe chocolates? Anyway, let’s just see who the winner is … get voting! 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

I was thinking about what photos I had that fit with the photo challenge this week (descent). One of the things I take quite a lot of photos of is my daughter riding, and while she’s jumping over many jumps I try to capture the moment when the pony takes off and lands on the other side. Sometimes I’m more successful than others, but here’s a couple where I caught the moment of descent as they landed safely 🙂

Descent after flying over a cross-country jump
Synchronised descent in cross-country pairs

Pony Love


As you know, if you have been reading for a while, my daughter is horse-mad. I spend many weekends watching her ride in lessons and competitions. It’s her ‘thing’. This is her in the middle of a competition at the weekend, between rounds. She looks like she’s communicating telepathically with the pony! I decided to have a play with this photo so it ended up black & white. I think my daughter’s horseyness is rubbing off on me as I caught myself wondering if I should give it a go … I’ve never so much as sat upon a horse, and I used to be quite scared of them! I’m not sure, but I am becoming rather fond of these horses and ponies.

I’m back

I haven’t ventured out much with the camera for a while as I haven’t been feeling well. I’ve been feeling quite sorry for myself. Last weekend I had to drag myself out as my daughter was taking part in a Cross Country competition. I took a lot of photos of her riding, and one crazy close-up of the pony she was riding (which made me laugh):

And a photo of one of the resident kittens:

I was so exhausted after that day out! Thankfully I’m feeling better now and hopefully I may get a few photos this weekend.

Riding Happy

When I’m not at work, I seem to be spending a lot of time watching my daughter riding. Sometimes I feel a bit tired of this, as horses are not really my thing, and standing around in fields is not good for my back, and I’m sure there could be something else I could be doing which I would enjoy more …

But then I look at her face 🙂

My daughter’s the one on the left, and on the right is her friend who she often rides with. The ponies are Carrots (on the left) and Dotty (on the right) – 2 of the Rheidol Riding Centre ponies. They were both doing a showjumping competition last weekend.


I was taking photos of my daughter and her friend having a showjumping lesson today, and I was pretty pleased with managing to catch some shots of my daughter in mid-air. She says jumping is like flying and I can see why 🙂





Like Flying


This is my daughter at a Show Jumping competition at the weekend. As you’d imagine, I took a LOT of photos, and after sifting through them all, I think this is the best one. It’s well-focused (unlike many of the photos!) and I like how my daughter’s face is showing how much she is concentrating, but also having a great time. She says that jumping on a horse is like flying! And below you can see that when she’s finished concentrating hard, she is just so happy to be on a horse. I’ve never ridden a horse in my life, and am never likely to, but I can see how happy it makes her, and that makes me happy too 🙂


Edited to add one more photo, as my daughter complained that I didn’t put one of her actually in the action of jumping (flying)! So here she is in the air: