Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

This week’s photo challenge is “Beginning”. This made me think about when I began to use a DSLR for the first time, so I looked back in my photos. I bought a second hand DSLR (a Canon 400D) from a friend back in May 2012, and was very excited to get using it. The following…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

I was thinking about a photo for the photo challenge this week, and to be honest there are loads that would fit – there’s so much in nature which is curved! I spent a while thinking which photo to choose and decided to go for this close up of droplets on a yellow poppy. I…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Heart of Gold

These photos are from back in August. I came upon this flower while wandering around a castle filled with many many tourists. I felt slightly silly stopping and squatting taking macro shots while everyone else was busy looking at castle walls and cannons, but that’s just the way I am! I believe it is an…… Continue reading Heart of Gold