Connected Damsels

When I thought about the word ‘connected’, I first thought about how everything in nature is connected into whole ecosystems and how these can be affected by changes in the environment and introduction of new species … and then I thought that’s getting a bit technical. So instead I considered Damselflies, and how they become…… Continue reading Connected Damsels

Are you looking at me?!

Taking photos from every angle is nothing new to me… it’s pretty standard when you’re creeping up on an insect! It’s all about capturing something without scaring them away so even you don’t get as close as you’d like to, you still have least one shot. Then if they cooperate, you try and get the perfect shot…… Continue reading Are you looking at me?!

Small and Coppery

Here’s a pretty little Small Copper butterfly that I spotted a couple of days ago on a little walk to the village pond. They’re very dainty little things 🙂 I took some photos while he busily investigated every inch of this flower… he was having a good day with plenty of sunshine and flowers, and…… Continue reading Small and Coppery

Beautiful Beautiful Demoiselles

No, I’m not accidentally repeating myself – this damselfly is called a ‘Beautiful Demoiselle’ and they truly are beautiful … so we have some beautiful Beautiful Demoiselles 😀 I just love these shots of this female Demoiselle – she was just resting there on the grass near the edge of the stream, and the sun…… Continue reading Beautiful Beautiful Demoiselles


It felt impossible to sum up my inspirations in one single photo, so I made a image based on one of my favourite photos that I’ve taken, with extra layers of inspiration added to it. I am inspired by nature, music, poetry and love 🙂 ❤ Had I the heaven’s embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden…… Continue reading Inspired

Musing on my Muse

my muse is all around me the air, the soil, the sky the warm embrace of mother nature the flash of butterfly wings the shimmer of bug on leaf the breeze through the long grass the buzz of bumbling bees the splash of a tiny frog as flowers open to the sun showing their hearts on their sleeves…… Continue reading Musing on my Muse

Vivid Nature

vivid producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind (of a colour) intensely deep or bright. I was thinking about this word as I went for my walk today, and was looking out for some vivid colours… How about the vivid yellows, pinks and greens in the meadow? Or perhaps the vivid blues…… Continue reading Vivid Nature

Raindrops on Roses

When thinking about the word ‘ephemeral’ I realised that most things in nature are ephemeral, lasting but a moment in the grand scheme of things. Flowers, insects, leaves … allowing us a glimpse of their beauty for a while in their often short lives. And droplets, one of my favourite things, they are gone when…… Continue reading Raindrops on Roses