Hungry Damsel

Damsels may be lovely to look at but they are predatory hunters. This Large Red Damselfly caught itself a spider as I was watching it at the weekend, and then proceeded to munch it up until there wasn’t much left but the legs. Lovely.

Lurking with intent

On Monday afternoon (a bank holiday here in the UK) I ventured out while the sun was shining for a nice walk. That was when I spotted yesterday’s damsel. Whilst dragons and damsels look beautiful and elegant when they’re all grown up, they start life in the pond as larvae and I’ve discovered this year…… Continue reading Lurking with intent

Tasty Treats?

Apologies in advance for the slightly gruesome post … I spotted this tadpole today getting captured. I know it’s sad for the tadpole, but Diving Beetle larvae need to eat too! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tadpoles in the village pond at the moment, so if we don’t want a plague of frogs,…… Continue reading Tasty Treats?