Christmas Morning

Right now it’s Christmas morning and it’s very quiet in my house. I’m the only one up. I’m not complaining as I like a quiet morning to potter about, drink tea, read blogs and catch up on Facebook etc. Right now it’s just me and the trees and the cat 🙂 Later the teens will…… Continue reading Christmas Morning

Weekly Photo Challenge: New … AKA Dragonflies by candlelight

My sister gave me a pair of lovely little candle holders for Christmas, with delicate dragonflies flying round them. Seems perfect for the challenge this week – brand new and beautiful too! Thank you Sarah! 🙂 In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “New.”


I want to roll myself up as tight as i can and wrap myself up in wrapping paper with ribbons and a big bow then tuck myself in to a large cardboard box and post myself to you