Fibromyalgia looks like…

… this: Can you see? Can you tell I have it? Is there any visible clue? OK sometimes you might see me walking awkwardly, or you might catch a grimace on my face, but most of the time the answer is no, you can’t tell there’s anything wrong with me. Same goes for various otherContinue reading “Fibromyalgia looks like…”

Sunny Spoons

A few days ago on my first potter around my parents’ garden I sneaked a peek into the greenhouse to see what was there. I spotted these newly opened flowers. They’re Osteospermum “purple spoon” – oddly beautiful flowers whose petals end in spoon-shapes. Mum has had to cover these plants over with fleece now to protectContinue reading “Sunny Spoons”

Delicate Purple

This is one of the flowers we saw yesterday in a visit to Cae Hir Gardens. There were lots of lovely flowers and insects to photograph although it was a rather blustery day so getting a good shot was a bit more tricky. I love the colour of this flower and the contrast of theContinue reading “Delicate Purple”

More Crocuses

Since spotting that first golden crocus, more have shot up and Bruce showed me a couple of patches he’d found just up the hill in our village. So I couldn’t help but take some more shots. I also spotted some tucked in the shade of a hedge so they’re a little bit further behind andContinue reading “More Crocuses”

Sparkly Experiments

I have a new toy to play with – a set of extension tubes. I was experimenting to see the effect of using them in different combinations and taking photos of a bit of pipe cleaner from my daughter’s arts & crafts pile. These are a few of the best shots going from just theContinue reading “Sparkly Experiments”