Quiet Moments

Quiet moments are my favourite kind of moments. If you are trying to take photos of potentially skittish small creatures, quiet moments are essential. Sometimes I find myself holding my breath as I creep closer to try and get that shot. Sometimes they pose nicely, sometimes they flit away as soon as the camera isContinue reading “Quiet Moments”

When this is over

When this is overI will not rushto peopleto shopsto restaurants, bars, cafesto once-again busy streetsI will rush in the opposite directionto disconnectto sit hereto beto feelto observeto drench myself in quietimmerse myself in natureand let it restore my soul And after I’ve sat for a while, I’ll go and look for some of my favouriteContinue reading “When this is over”

slipping into night

moments of peace clocks tick keys clunk as words spill on my keyboard the weekend long as it was is over the house has returned to full occupation and only now the quiet spreads as eyes close soft to sleep as gentle breaths and tiny sighs replace the noise of squabbling siblings demanding time acceptingContinue reading “slipping into night”

a lunchtime moment

at lunch I try to make my own little bit of space head lost in a book mind elsewhere amid the noise and babble the talking and chatter in this crowd of people (too many people) but their voices creep into my quiet and their presence can’t be ignored time flows sand falls my hourContinue reading “a lunchtime moment”