A Difficult Journey

I’m on a journey, as I imagine many white people are right now, of learning and understanding how I am part of the problem of systemic racism in our world and what I can do about it. There are no frills, no pretty flowers to soften the harsh truth. I must walk this difficult path…… Continue reading A Difficult Journey

Butterfly Privilege

This is a wasp (Vespula vulgaris): Wasps can sting. What do you usually do if you see one? Run away? Swat at it with a rolled up magazine? Panic? But what are the chances of the wasp actually stinging you? Quite low, unless it perceives you as a threat. But still, many of us are…… Continue reading Butterfly Privilege

I despair

I’m like a child trying to drown out another my fingers are in my ears I’m singing la-la-la-la I’m not listening I’m acting like the (incorrect stereotype) of an ostrich with head in the sand because facing the truth of our sad broken world and our sad broken people whose hearts are so twisted whose…… Continue reading I despair