Little Green Bugs

I have been seeing a little green bug around in the garden over the last few months. He really liked the Knapweed when they were flowering. I’d see him on them pretty much every time I went out there. I believe he is a Potato Capsid Bug (Closterotomus norwegicus). Despite his name he seems more…… Continue reading Little Green Bugs

Cat in a Rain Drop

Today I accidentally caught my cat in a raindrop! Can you see him there, upsidedown among the ragwort flowers?! There’s not much going on out there apart from raindrops and the ocasional spider or fly, so raindrops were my focus. I didn’t quite get the photo I wanted but this amused me. The cat was…… Continue reading Cat in a Rain Drop

Happy New Year

2014 has arrived! And with it, it has brought more rain and wind and general greyness. So no fresh start for the weather in this brand new year – just a continuation of the damp and stormy winter that we’ve had so far. I don’t fancy venturing out with my camera today, but I did…… Continue reading Happy New Year

Last of the Tortoiseshells?

Another photo from the weekend – one of the few remaining butterflies. The Buddleia is all over now but there’s still a bit of Ragwort left and this Tortoiseshell butterfly was feasting on the remains. That’ll probably be the last I see of the butterflies – it’s gone cold now – might be frosts at…… Continue reading Last of the Tortoiseshells?

Small Copper

Yesterday the afternoon/evening was bright and sunny and the butterflies were out in force in the garden. There were Peacocks, Tortoiseshells, Red Admirals, Large Whites and Green-Veined Whites all over the Buddleia. But another small butterfly caught my eye on the Ragwort – a Small Copper Butterfly which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.…… Continue reading Small Copper