I can’t write poetry. My brain is slightly addled by codeine as the pain was lingering long today. I’ve tried to assemble my thoughts but they keep running away. I am thinking of home, and how this was my home, my childhood home. Visiting is comfortable, like wearing old familiar clothes. Though things have changed…… Continue reading Home


Another weather update for you! Yesterday it was snow, and today it’s strong winds. I knew there was windy weather forecast but this morning it got upgraded to a red alert from about lunch time to 9pm tonight. Red alerts are the highest weather alerts that the Met Office give out, and it says that…… Continue reading Wind!

Feverish Nonsense

I feel a little feverish (both metaphor and physical) There’s a flush on my cheeks (and a pain in my ear) And I’m thinking about thinking about you (An entirely different kind of you) And I’m thinking I should be thinking about work Though my mind wanders And begins its ponders On topics of distance…… Continue reading Feverish Nonsense