with intent

you speak the words with intent words heard before but sounding different from you not just ‘I love you’ but ‘I love you’ with intent and I see your love all around in your actions in your deeds evidence of love with intent


For too long I have pretended To be something I’m not Ever since I was a small child I felt I had to be perfect I am not I am far from it But this is not about Putting myself down This is about being myself I’m done with pretending So yeah, I tried to…… Continue reading Pretence

don’t bring me roses

just me don’t bring me roses  with their blood red petals   with their gentle fragrance    with their thorny stems     with their soft cool frills I could hold them close   and breath in their scent but I’d rather hold you I could look in wonder   at their perfect beauty but I’d rather look at you I…… Continue reading don’t bring me roses


A poetry duet by Blue Girl & Bruce Ruston Bruce, of Brain Jar and Inkinetica fame, is in italics Blue Girl, less than famous, is not in italics As you may gather, we are really enjoying writing together ~~~ a leap from dreaming written words to real spoken words unspoken words a touch hands holding flesh melding ~~~ I am…… Continue reading Leap