this love is

this love is more so much more than just mere puff of romantic words written lazily without substance and reality this love is made of heart and soul with solidity and practicality interwoven through every thread this love is full of truth and hope no empty promises or made up dreams but warm sincerity and…… Continue reading this love is


technology is great but it just can’t compete this keying and writing our words on screen this seeing and speaking our faces on skype nothing compares to having you close this being and touching our hands held tight this freeing of loving our hearts let loose

Wishing to Whirl

chained to my desk trying to concentrate when I want to spin madly and shout at the sky disbelieving words with a ridiculous grin shedding the past like unneeded skin I’m freed from the bubble and embracing reality it’s full of honesty truth and wonder and freedom to be wholeheartedly and totally lost