If you look in my Nature Guide, you’ll find there are a number of flowers with Red in their name. Sometimes they look pink to me, but if their name is red, then they count! We have: Red Campion: Red Clover: Red Dead-nettle Redshank With insects, red seems to be more literal and things definitelyContinue reading “Red”

Red Roses

There were some red roses in the bunch too, but they didn’t seem very photogenic. Some had dry patches on their petals – I guess that’s what you get when you buy a cheap bunch (it was only £3). But when I sprayed some water on them and went in close I got some niceContinue reading “Red Roses”


As you’ll know, if you read Bruce’s blog, I brought some flowers home the other day so that we would have something to photograph while it rains continuously (it seems!). Bouquets of flowers can be ridiculously expensive, so I shopped with care and found 2 little bunches with a nice variety of flowers in forContinue reading “Gerberas”