The topic of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Reflections and I had a look through my archives for some suitable pictures. While finding these pictures I was reminded how much I love Cors Caron, and that I’m looking forward to going for a visit when damselfly and dragonfly season gets started. So here are someContinue reading “Reflections”

Oops – reflections

The weekly photo challenge is ‘Oops!’ this week. The thing that immediately sprung to mind was the pile of rejected photos from the previous post featuring festive Christmas tree photos. These all include rather unwanted reflections which I didn’t think about until I was looking at them on the computer! Inspired by the Weekly PhotoContinue reading “Oops – reflections”

Barbed wire can be beautiful

Even barbed wire can be beautiful with a droplet on it 🙂 If you look closely you’ll see that there is a tiny reflection of the hillside in the droplet on the barbed wire. The sun was catching the droplets in the hedgerow and fence and grabbing my attention while I was walking yesterday. EvenContinue reading “Barbed wire can be beautiful”

Thorny Droplet

I got out for a walk today and have taken lots of photos. This is one of my favourites. It’s lovely to get the combination of lots of droplets from the rain, but with sunshine and blue sky to make them sparkle and have pretty reflections in them. I will post more droplets over theContinue reading “Thorny Droplet”

Beautiful droplets on Gorse

Sometimes when I look through the mounds of photos I’ve taken, I find nothing that grabs me and I’m a bit sad that none of them were as good as I hoped. Other times, like today, I am luckier 😀 I am so pleased with this photo of some rather soggy gorse! A good photoContinue reading “Beautiful droplets on Gorse”


As Christmas is approaching and some of my fellow bloggers have been posting festive photos, I thought I’d join in. I had a fun session with my camera & tripod last night, using long(ish) exposures to get photos of baubles on my tree just lit by the fairy lights. I quite like how these cameContinue reading “Baubles”