every quiet day spent with you is a comforting balm to my soul calm mornings easy afternoons warm evenings and I am nearly wordless not because my mind is tangled more that my mind is soothed and stilled and gentled and smiles are hard to write

An Answer

discombobulated by my own blog discomblogulated and very nearly speechless and conscious of the watchers wondering what I will say I babble like a fool and stumble over words I dare to dream of you and I and happy ever after I dare to dream of obstacles removed from our way I dare to dream…… Continue reading An Answer

Forgive me

Forgive me but when you look upside right marriage must be fought for, surely the right goal I am on my knee my queen check mate me forever find the way walk run an engagement with your soul let me pick a ring

Your tears

I have seen your tears and they cut me I didn’t show it I tried to smile but you knew what I felt inside of that I will bet a false smile for your tears Mirrored please be my ultimate WaY