evening in the garden

purple flower spikes less busy now as evening comes and here I sit with tea and camera (just in case) no butterflies left they’ve gone to bed (where do they sleep?) but still the swallows chitter by the out-late bees hum-bumble low and early moths flutter time slows to a honeyed trickle in our wild…… Continue reading evening in the garden


every quiet day spent with you is a comforting balm to my soul calm mornings easy afternoons warm evenings and I am nearly wordless not because my mind is tangled more that my mind is soothed and stilled and gentled and smiles are hard to write


may I rest here a while in this moment may I stay for a time in this place where my mind is at peace where my being is calm where my breath moves within and without in no rush where there’s no heaviness ‘cept the weight of your hand and the warmth of your kiss…… Continue reading hush

my place

amid the noise of family life I seek a centre of calm and quiet sitting here on squashy sofa I let my eyes drift closed my face relaxing, shoulders dropped listening to my thoughts as other sounds fade away just me and my breaths slowly in, slowly out gently in, gently out and then you’re…… Continue reading my place


swirling twirling thoughts flow as gentle eddies in a calm blue pool under a quiet sky the blanket of night pulled over me relaxed and drifting soothing rocking motion sending me to sleep safe in the embrace of my future hope