seeking    relief dreaming of    absence wishing for    IS NULL for a thing    to be no-thing sucking a vacuum    into being with the strength    of need       to          be             free


it’s not until I’m emerging blinking into the light that I realise how tense the darkness is how I’ve been holding my breath wound tight rigid while the world swirled around me and now for no good reason it’s gone and muscles rest languorously luxuriating in this peace

Calamine Lotion Potion

I have this need to write like an itch that just won’t stop I keep on scratching with my metaphorical pen but the itch burns on it’s a need, an addiction, a have-to a desperate urge and I’m willing to write nonsense just to assuage it a salve to my soul calming my antsy spirit…… Continue reading Calamine Lotion Potion