Early spring?

The weather continues to be rather changeable and not entirely wintry. I’m not really complaining, although I wish we had a few more dry days. Thankfully there have been no more storms, although there has been some gusty wind and rain. It is quite chilly but nothing like last winter when we were in the…… Continue reading Early spring?

Indoor Bird Watching

The weather continues in much the same vein – windy, wet and generally horrible 😦 Tomorrow I must go back to work after the Christmas break and so today I’d hoped for a last minute chance to get out for a walk but no such luck. Yesterday I attempted some bird watching from the living…… Continue reading Indoor Bird Watching


I did manage to find a break in the weather yesterday and filled up the bird feeders. A couple of Blue Tits arrived immediately but then vanished when a Robin appeared. I hoped the Blue Tits would return, but they seemed to be staying away because of the Robin. Bruce said it looked like the…… Continue reading Robin