Teeny Tiny Bee, and more…

Today is a bank holiday, so no working, I can just use my computer for fun things 🙂 So I thought I’d do another blog post as there are more photos to be shared. A tiny solitary bee also visited that Osteospermum that I shared in yesterday’s post. If you compare these photos with yesterday’sContinue reading “Teeny Tiny Bee, and more…”

Pretty in Pink

What a lovely theme for this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge – delicate colours. There are some very bright and eye catching colours in nature, but some of the most beautiful flowers are delicate, soft, pastel colours. I am lucky enough to have several growing in the garden, most with no assistance from me –Continue reading “Pretty in Pink”

Raindrops on Roses

When thinking about the word ‘ephemeral’ I realised that most things in nature are ephemeral, lasting but a moment in the grand scheme of things. Flowers, insects, leaves … allowing us a glimpse of their beauty for a while in their often short lives. And droplets, one of my favourite things, they are gone whenContinue reading “Raindrops on Roses”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

I’ve spent ages pondering what photos to choose for the weekly challenge this week, veering from one angle to another. In the end I’ve gone for three quite different photos showing both actual depth and depth of field. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

Dog Roses

There’s a little clearing down the road where there are often bugs to be seen, but there are also some lovely Dog Roses. This photo is looking closely into the heart of the flower at the stamens. In this case the flower was unoccupied, but often you’ll find they have beetles on board. Is itContinue reading “Dog Roses”

More Rose Droplets

All the roses looked good with droplets. These are photos of the peachy rose and yellow rose with droplets. When I took shots of the yellow rose, some of the droplets came out really sparkly like they were little diamonds. Very pretty 🙂

Wet Orange Rose

Another rose in the bunch was an orange one, and again it was less photogenic than others due to some dry brown patches. Just like with the red ones though, it looks nice with droplets and getting in close. The 2nd and 3rd photos are almost the same with just a change in focus –Continue reading “Wet Orange Rose”

Red Roses

There were some red roses in the bunch too, but they didn’t seem very photogenic. Some had dry patches on their petals – I guess that’s what you get when you buy a cheap bunch (it was only £3). But when I sprayed some water on them and went in close I got some niceContinue reading “Red Roses”