Pretty Pony

I’m still working my way through photos from Ynys Hir. There are a bunch of ponies in the reserve, and they were hanging around near the path. I took a few photos but mostly they had their heads down munching grass. This one helpfully looked up, and it’s very pretty – I like the contrasting…… Continue reading Pretty Pony

Goslings at Ynys Hir

Goslings at Ynys Hir, a set on Flickr.I promised you goslings today and here they are. These were in a much quieter area of the nature reserve, away from all the noise and flapping and splashing that was going on elsewhere. It was a little tricky getting the shots as they were behind trees so…… Continue reading Goslings at Ynys Hir

Canada Geese Fly Past

Apart from the damselflies, another thing we saw a lot of at Ynys Hir on Saturday was Canada Geese. There didn’t seem to be any other sorts of geese around, but there were plenty of these ones. They seem to honk a lot as they fly over, so we had a bit of warning of…… Continue reading Canada Geese Fly Past

Dinner time for birds

I’d forgotten about these shots I got of birds feeding at Ynys Hir a couple of weeks ago. I was borrowing Bruce’s 70-200mm lens and I was pretty pleased with these. I’ve not taken many shots of birds really as I tend to go for the macro shots normally. In these photos you’ll see blue…… Continue reading Dinner time for birds