Goodbye Little Archie

I am so sad to hear today that little Archie (Dyfed Liberation) died last night. He was such a sweet little foal who we’ve visited regularly since he was born in June. Here are some of my favourite photos of him taken through his short life. If you’d like to see more, please check…… Continue reading Goodbye Little Archie

the roof stayed on

wind’s getting up again he mutters all over the telly it is trees down power out everybody panic like it’s something new you’d think it never blew before he kneels, with a gentle sigh these young ‘uns are soft act like electricity’s their right and this new-fangled internet-whatsit moaning when they can’t update their face-block…… Continue reading the roof stayed on


why must it come at me now with its dark draining uselessness why must it pull me down into its weed-choked watery depths the mirror reflects my sad eyes back at me my sad ungrateful eyes that should be smiling how can they be so fickle and foolish when you are there reflected beside them…… Continue reading why?


delicate fragile tiny bones hollow brittle so easily crushed underfoot broken forever precious hearts unloved and love unlearned too young for this violence suffered long damage so hard to undo with pain ingrained this should not have been


I wrapped a gag around my face tight muzzled myself, to stop the words trying to hold back the spillage but the words bled out around the edges trickling down my chin, and onto the page blending with my tears of confusion inner battles laid out like exhibits for all to see and peer at…… Continue reading Ungagged