this morning

a last reflection arm and body framed of you in my bed the sight of you there like a soothing salve to my tired eyes your patience with my late night tears your precious reassuring smiles your silly faces, poked out tongue the next reflection arm and body framed will be so empty the sightContinue reading “this morning”

Where did you go?

Where did you go, warm summer days? Where have you taken your sunshine and flowers? The air grows colder now, the blossoms fade The evenings are darker, the light slips away Life is ending, the pulse of nature thins Soon the trees will shed leaves and stand bare And I will look for you thereContinue reading “Where did you go?”


There was a small candle. Not perfect but bravely burning and keeping the dark at bay. Now it’s been snuffed out, the darkness comes rushing back in. Billowing clouds of deep inky blackness that make everything grey. Fighting to stay afloat. Fighting to see some hope. Fighting myself. I have all the platitudes, I knowContinue reading “Fighting”