tall summer grass bent low heavy droplets poised to fall and all is silence all is still no bees no butterflies in air too thick to fly between and sorrow’s mist obscures the world as hedgerows echo with a sigh

Summer afternoon

Warm sun Gentle breeze Bare skin Bees buzz Birds sing Leaves rustle Stream gushes Smells of summer In the distance a mower roars Children squawk and chatter Tractors pass laden with hay Fluffy clouds drift overhead Idyllic summer afternoon it seems Yet it doesn’t reach me Doesn’t seep into my soul


Waves crashing over me, Waves of sadness, Waves of frustration, Waves of hopelessness. In between, the relief of feeling Normal. As the ocean sucks back its spent waves I’m ready for the next one. Braced for it to smash into me. I think I know what’s coming, But it surprises me with its strength And…… Continue reading Waves

The Edge

Again, I am teetering on the edge. Looking down at the swirling darkness, Tempted to leap in and let it take me.   It feels like pain is all there is. Nothing but the tearing loneliness, When brief connections just make it worse when they’re over.   Questions go unanswered, needs go unmet. I am…… Continue reading The Edge