the hedge silhouette ‘gainst the darkening sky leaves flutter and flicker in blustery wind as I watch and I rest in a moment of quiet feel the breath in my lungs feel my feet on the ground feel myself feeling calm and content

your hand

you took my hand in the frozen forest with a warm and steady grip the ground      slipped and    slid but I didn’t fall with breaths of icy air we stumbled on together our fingers entwined the forest fell away   behind us the hillside opened up     before us and onwards we stepped into the light and…… Continue reading your hand


you wrote me home your words flowing from you as I drove and I imagine them flying cross country faster than light and gathering round my moving car like a blanket of poetry keeping me safe in the dark


swirling twirling thoughts flow as gentle eddies in a calm blue pool under a quiet sky the blanket of night pulled over me relaxed and drifting soothing rocking motion sending me to sleep safe in the embrace of my future hope