Calm Seas

calm seas

my words are not lost
but sunk
(not in a bad way)

deep in calm waters
far from churning waves
and strong currents
they rest on the sand
dappled with light
from gentle ripples

they wait

and if the storm comes
if the sea gets rough
they’ll rise in the swell
be there when I need them
to let out some pain

but for now

they wait

for I am with you
and with you
is all
calm seas

for Bruce (of course) and for Trent who misses our words 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Convergence

For me the word convergence can go three ways …

Lines converging in the distance in the, in this shot of the seafront up the coast at Tywyn on a stormy summer day. Sweeping your eye along that line into the farthest point where sea, beach and sea-wall merge in one…


Or perhaps lines converging in nature, like in this dandelion seed head, where the floaty umbrellas are carried on intersecting stalks from their seeds. It looks chaotic, but there is simplicity here, symmetry and perfection.


Or perhaps we think of things other than lines, and consider the convergence of the natural environment and the man-made environment. Things that are distinctly different yet converge all around us. Like this sparrow on the electricity pole, treating it as just another perch as the natural and ‘unnatural’ converge. No fear, despite the barbed wire and alarming yellow sign!


And actually there are lines converging too in that last photo too.

This post is inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Convergence.

Black & White Seaside

Yesterday we had a bit of a roadtrip, visiting a few places in north Wales. One place where we stopped and took photos was Tywyn, where we had a wander up and down the seafront. It didn’t feel very summery as it was very windy and chilly. I was wrapped up in jumper and coat thankfully. It really does feel like summer is over now and autumn has begun. Anyway, on to the photos!

As it was a cloudy, moody sort of day, I thought it fitted black & white better than colour so all my shots have been edited using Silver Efex Pro. I’ve realised, after taking these shots, that I like to get people in the frame. I hope they don’t mind if they ever see these photos. I would have avoided people in the past, but I think it gives the shot more interest so it’s not just waves and sky.

Here are some of my favourite shots – click on them to view the bigger version if you like (I do recommend this as they look better full size!) …

A wide shot looking up the prom:

Children playing (they’re a lot more daring than me!):

Big rocky embankment, presumably part of the sea defences:

View up the beach, with family walking:

View back down the beach, where the sky was brighter:

Crazy girls going out on body boards (rather them than me!):

A closer view of one of the groynes, with gulls down the end on the sand:

And finally a bit of a silly one – this boat on the seafront filled with flowers reminded me of an old fashioned picture postcard – so I made it into one:



waves crash
cross promenade
making a new beach
scattered with bricks
torn railings
and shredded benches
a telescope
for viewing far off boats
lies askew
in what was the road
the seawall smashed
and caving in
a hollow
where the floor
should be
white water surges
down the streets
sweeping unwary
off their feet
as the ocean
reminds us
it was never domesticated
just restrained

The seafront in my local town of Aberystwyth has been torn apart by the storms, reminding us of the true strength of the ocean, something which I think we forget too easily.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

My favourite photos of the sea tend to be calm soothing photos like this one. I know waves can look dramatic and exciting, but I prefer calm and soothing … drifting away into the horizon.


Of course, being me I also have a tendency to get distracted by smaller things at the seaside, like these chains on the jetty …


And even better … between the pebbles, my favourite sea pinks!


Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Aberystwyth Castle

edit--3Today we had a little wander round Aberystwyth while we had some time to spare. We walked round the castle and along the seafront a little before it was time to go again. I liked the look of the castle ruins against the beautiful sky, and I’ve used HDR Efex Pro to pull together 3 bracketed shots to get the sky and castle looking at their best. I guess it’s not precisely realistic, but it’s close to what I saw while standing there, and I’m happy with it.

The sky really was lovely today. I took several shots of mainly sky as I liked it so much! This one has a little bit of sea, but it’s the sky that was drawing my eye 🙂


Sea Pinks

This spring business is pretty good fun isn’t it?! I’m glad it finally decided to arrive. Yesterday we went for a walk on the beach and I was looking for some new spring growth and was delighted to find the Sea Pinks (or Thrift) are starting to flower. These were one of the first flowers I took photos of with my first DSLR and I’m really quite fond of them. I rather like this shot even though it’s not particularly well focused – it has a kind of dreamy quality which conjures up relaxing summer days on the beach…

Seaside Dreams
Seaside Dreams

And a you can imagine (assuming you’re a regular reader), I had to get in close and get some macro shots too…

There were also some other very small flowers which I’ve now identified as being types of Scurvy Grass, possibly Danish Scurvy Grass on the left and English Scurvy Grass on the right:


I don’t often take photos of birds as I tend to have my macro lens on most of the time, but recently I’ve been branching out a bit and trying new things, so on one of our walks recently I borrowed the 70-300mm lens and had a go at some bird shots. I have to say that it is pretty hard work – they move a lot more than flowers do! I had a lot of blurry shots but these were my best efforts. The last three photos were taken with the 18-55mm lens while we were in Aberaeron the other day and had to be cropped to see the birds better. The very last one is not a great shot of the bird itself but it amused me having caught the wave splashing up in the shot 🙂

Peaceful Beach Views

We went for a little trip to Aberaeron yesterday – a town down the coast road from Aberystwyth – and enjoyed a sunny (but windswept) walk by the sea around the harbour. I took lots of photos, but these ones are my favourite calm, peaceful photos of the sea, the beach and gulls flying. It wasn’t entirely peaceful with the wind in our faces, but it was lovely, even so. Hope you enjoy these photos 🙂

Aberystwyth Weather

Last weekend we went for a walk by the sea in Aberystwyth but it was cold and cloudy and blowing a gale so we didn’t stay long – I got a few photos though:

On Thursday this week the weather was better and we returned to the same beach – what a difference a bit of sunshine makes! 🙂