Autumn by the river

As I mentioned, last weekend I took a long walk through the woods down by the river. It was beautiful! I’m glad I went then because this weekend is mostly grey and damp and we’ve had a lot of wind during the week which will have stripped of some of these lovely leaves. The only down side to my walk was that according to my back/leg I went a little too far, and suffered for it afterwards. However, I think it was worth it.

Soon after I started walking I came upon this lovely site – a gorgeous Beech tree that had already created a lovely carpet of orange leaves on the ground:


Looking out at the river from under the tree:


And looking back at the tree again, with its glorious orange carpet:


Close up of a branch complete with raindrop:


Further on in my walk I came to this raised area, where there was another beautiful carpet of leaves. As the sun came out the shadows of the trees made stripes on the carpet and you can even see me there too if you look:


With the sun streaming through the trees, the light was lovely:


There was still a fair amount of greenery, although it was mostly turning at least yellowish, if not golden orange:


Further on, the path went under the trees and again, the carpet of orange leaves made it look magical:


I had to keep stopping to take another photo round every corner!:


And finally, back near the river again I took another shot of the trees on the bank, with a little glimpse of the river on the right:



Rainy Season

In some parts of the world there is a regular rainy season. In Britain sometimes it feels like it’s always rainy season! Our winter this year hasn’t been very wintry really. We’ve had one morning where there was a sprinkling of snow, and perhaps 2 or 3 frosty mornings but for much of the rest of the time it’s been windy and rainy. Today is no exception. So I decided to stay indoors and show you the weather by means of my orchid with ‘fake raindrops’ and a glimpse of the rainy window behind.


And of course I can’t resist getting a bit closer 🙂 Being in the window the petals are backlit which makes for interesting shots.

IMG_1676-Edit IMG_1672-Edit IMG_1695-Edit IMG_1694-Edit

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

Autumn Kites

you circle by my window
like excited children

come out to play!

I come
but I am grounded
I cannot catch the gusts and glide

down here all is dying
abundance is no more
and everything I looked for
is gone

Change of season

The seasons are definitely changing here in the UK. Despite some lovely sunny days it’s certainly not summer any longer and the crisp misty mornings are not the only give away. Change is visible all around in the trees and hedgerows.

This is a young Shieldbug sitting on a bramble leaf. I love how the colour in the leaf is reflected in the Shieldbug with his red eyes.


Some of the blackberries that haven’t been eaten by birds (or people) have started to reach the unattractive dried-up stage. But the Shieldbugs don’t mind and are making the most of them.


The leaves in my Beech tree are started to turn. Yellows with a hint of orange amongst the green.


Some have already fallen:


And here’s another creature enjoying shrivelled-up blackberries – this Speckled Wood butterfly is also unfazed by their less than attractive appearance.


And the earth turns

seasons come
seasons go

step forth into the dark
hold fast to hope
life will return
in the morning

so it was

and so it shall be

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

Soldier Season

It seems to be Soldier Beetle season as they are all over the place. I even had one in my car the other day! I shall respect their privacy and avoid photos of them mating, but here are just a few of them wandering about:

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Signs of Spring: Catkins






time takes
a brisk walk
I skip and hop
to keep up
puffing cloud breaths
in cold winter air
just yesterday
spring arrived
minutes passed
in summer
now festivities
my desire
to pause
like a raindrop
poised on a leaf edge
as time
slows to treacle
to sit
and in sitting
be at peace


through tunnels
made of burnished gold
we travel through
these autumn days
’til lies the honeyed carpet
as the bare bones touch the sky

Autumn Bokeh



Another shot from my walk yesterday. The sun on the leaves was lovely and I was happy to get some pretty bokeh as well as the lovely colours 🙂

stormy tears


the wind blows
us into tomorrow
gusts rush the leaves
off the trees
whisking winter
into view
and the clouds cry
for the loss of yesterday