Friendly Lambs

Another thing (or things) I saw at the weekend was lambs. Lots of lovely cute little lambs. Most were at the far side of fields staying by their mums but these two (twins) came lolloping over towards me in a friendly way. Their mum stood by keeping an eye to see if I was a danger, but after a couple of minute she went back to munching on grass. I felt highly honoured 🙂







Showering with Sheep

I’m showering with the window open again, despite the chill.

It’s one of those summer mornings where the sun hasn’t got going yet. The kind of day that saw me as a child stood at a bus stop for a day out dressed in shorts and a jumper in a strange mix of optimism and realism. Cold legs shivering but with the desperate hope that later I’d be glad.

There’s a sheep staring at me while I shower, eyes meeting mine as I contemplate the brightness on the hill. Of course it probably can’t even see me – it’s eyes are looking across half a field and a garden to see me through the crack of a small window. But nonetheless it does seem to stare right at me.

Eyes closed while washing my hair I’m considering how far away the sheep is – perhaps a hundred yards? But I can’t visualise a yard. All I can think of is a little rhyme my dad must have taught me: “a metre measures three foot three, it’s longer than a yard you see”. Not really all that helpful as I can’t visualise a metre either.

Shampoo rinsed off I peer blearily at the window. The sheep has moved away and just a patch of blank hillside remains.

I am disproportionately disappointed.

Curly Ram

IMG_8294We were out walking this morning and went to check the sheep fields to see if there are any lambs yet. There were no lambs, but there were some sheep, and this ram with his fancy horns really stood out 🙂 He was quite obliging so I got a few shots from different angles:

Catwalk Sheep


Another shot from our trip to Ynys Hir just over a week ago. This sheep made me laugh – its fleece was all hanging off but it seemed to think it looked beautiful and was posing for me like a catwalk model showing off the latest fashion 🙂

Lonely Lamb

These photos are from about 10 days ago I think, when Bruce and I were out for a walk. There are lots of lambs around at the moment, and mostly they stick fairly close to their mums apart from when they’re running and leaping around like loons. But this one seemed a bit lost and lonely hanging around all alone down one end of a field with no mum in sight. He (or she) would occasionally stand and baa rather pathetically but there was no answering baa back from his mum. I felt very sorry for him and took lots of photos while he looked at me vaguely hopefully. I would have been there all day worrying about him but Bruce finally persuaded me to leave. Hope he found his mum eventually…

writing myself a bedtime story

just one more, my fingers beg
as they caress the keys
my mind has flown away again
so digits have control

no birds to fly with in the night
my mind is swooping with bats
and bathing in pools of moonlight
as curious glowing eyes of sheep
reflect the light like freakish
floating marbles hovering near grass
and gentle stars glow from
many light years away, all cold and distant
and if I stare for long enough
I may catch one’s demise from stardom

back on the keyboard the pads of fingers
dance a jig that magically results in words
and momentarily my mind returns to wonder
how it is that I can link to my fingers in this way
from thought to typed word on the screen
without a moment spent considering the position
of the qwertyuiop
and barely a moment spent in thought
these thoughts do not so much as register
or get a pondering before they show themselves
on screen

my mind is gone again
this time swooping low over the hillsides
enjoying itself by gathering speed uphill
and flinging itself skywards with momentum
and tumbling head over heels
though as it is merely a mind without body
it surely has no head or heels to tumble over

mind stuck on that difficult concept
the fingers once again take over
as they consider the smoothness of the keys
and the warmth of the laptop
quietly humming to itself
patiently humouring the poetic digits
‘quite insane of course’ it mutters
‘but mostly harmless so we’ll let them carry on’

and the headless heelless mind is soaring higher
trying to touch the moon
and catch a trail of stardust
drifting softly cross the dark
and watching as the dots of light
marking houses in the lanes and valleys
slowly turn off one by one
as people fall asleep
and other minds come join it there
as the dreaming starts
while bodies sleep all sound in beds
the minds take flight with joy
and folk who never speak in life
skydance their minds above the treetops

the fingers getting weary now
contemplate the dreamers
and wonder if they ought to join
so slowly, very slowly they draw the nonsense to an end
and gradually a silence falls
without the tap of tips on keys
without the sound of thumb on space
and all there is is gentle breaths
as blue girl softly slips to sleep
her worries drifted far away

just the slight niggle of a thought as she goes
‘I’ve really gone and done it this time, no doubt I’m loopy now’

goodnight, sleep tight x