Sending love on Mother’s Day …

to you who carried your child spilled blood, sweat and tears to bring them into the world to you who’s chosen your child and gathered them in to become your family to you who yearned and longed for a child of your own feeling incomplete without to you who knows what it is to carry…… Continue reading Sending love on Mother’s Day …


I spotted this lamb having a sneaky munch on grass outside its field. But when it noticed me watching it ran off back to the security of its mother It’s so lovely at the moment. We have beautiful sunny weather and I’m surrounded by fields of sheep & lambs, trees coming into leaf, spring flowers,…… Continue reading Security

Curly Ram

We were out walking this morning and went to check the sheep fields to see if there are any lambs yet. There were no lambs, but there were some sheep, and this ram with his fancy horns really stood out 🙂 He was quite obliging so I got a few shots from different angles:

Catwalk Sheep

Another shot from our trip to Ynys Hir just over a week ago. This sheep made me laugh – its fleece was all hanging off but it seemed to think it looked beautiful and was posing for me like a catwalk model showing off the latest fashion 🙂

writing myself a bedtime story

just one more, my fingers beg as they caress the keys my mind has flown away again so digits have control no birds to fly with in the night my mind is swooping with bats and bathing in pools of moonlight as curious glowing eyes of sheep reflect the light like freakish floating marbles hovering…… Continue reading writing myself a bedtime story