Today is cold and frosty and I ventured out into the garden to see if I could get some photos. Firstly I was taking photos of frozen water droplets on the grass. Sadly squatting down to get photos of grass really hurts, so I couldn’t do it for long. As the sun got higher theContinue reading “Shiny”

Stormy Tears

The weather is atrocious as I’m sure you know if you are in the UK. It’s not really ideal for macro photos as even when the rain stops it’s too windy! I sneaked out for five minutes today to try and get some shots of droplets on leaves. There was too much wind and notContinue reading “Stormy Tears”


As Christmas is approaching and some of my fellow bloggers have been posting festive photos, I thought I’d join in. I had a fun session with my camera & tripod last night, using long(ish) exposures to get photos of baubles on my tree just lit by the fairy lights. I quite like how these cameContinue reading “Baubles”