Robin Serenade

Sorry for the lack of photos lately. Haven’t had much chance to get out – lack of time, and not very nice weather. Anyway, I’m now spending a few days at my Parents’ house before heading back home for Christmas with Bruce. I had a little potter round the garden here and spotted this lovelyContinue reading “Robin Serenade”

Happy Dance

spinning    swirling       dancing          prancing             stomping feet                and tapping toes singing    songing       humming          thrumming             wiggling hips                and whirling arms my feet won’t rest    songs keep bursting out my smile is stuck on firmly    with super superglue I haven’t been drinking Mountain Dew    (not this time) it’s all because    of you

A Moment (to remember when times are bad)

Standing tallFeeling happyI am a good personI am worthy of loveI am beautiful in my own way Singing loudlySun shiningWind in my hair Not caring what I look likeNot caring what anyone thinksIn this moment There is life flowing through my veinsAnd the future is not yet written