Fluffy the Skipper & Friends

Meet Fluffy the Skipper… wouldn’t you just like to give him a cuddle? Skippers are probably the most cuddly-looking butterflies you’re ever likely to meet. The first time I saw one I assumed it was some kind of moth as they’re usually the more fluffy ones. Fluffy wasn’t alone – there were other fluffy and…… Continue reading Fluffy the Skipper & Friends

Summer Sunday Stroll

Yesterday was warm and quite sunny so we headed out for a short walk around the village. Before leaving I noticed that our Buddleia flowers are just starting to come out: There were quite a few Birds Foot Trefoils growing in the grassy areas There are also other similar but taller flowers which I’ve identified…… Continue reading Summer Sunday Stroll

Sunny Skipper

We had a little walk today while there were clouds overhead – we hoped it would be a little cooler but the clouds didn’t hold and the sun kept coming back, so we didn’t stay out for long. Fortunately though we did spot some wildlife while we were out, and I rather liked this shot…… Continue reading Sunny Skipper

More from Cors Caron

On Friday I mentioned all the wildlife we saw on a walk at Cors Caron, but so far I’ve only shared photos of one of the damselflies and the grasshoppers … so here I am to rectify matters and bring you some other lovely wildlife from that day. First off, here is the shot I…… Continue reading More from Cors Caron