Village Views

This is where I live, where I walk, where I poke around in hedgerows, squat (painfully) photographing tiny things, and occasionally I change my lens and look up at the beautiful blue sky, and thank my lucky stars that I live in such a lovely place.

The hill behind where I live
Village church and fields
View to the west of the marshy field and beyond
Tal y Fan (the big hill), and the field where the hedge has been sadly hacked to pieces. I think the farmer is putting in a fence. It makes me sad.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This week’s photo challenge set me thinking I’m sure I have some nice silhouettes somewhere! I had a good poke around my archives and found these sunsets from back in April.

Trees and roofs silhouetted against the sky:

And normally electricity wires in a photo may not be liked, but I quite like the contrast here:

I’m sure there are more accidental silhouettes in my archive where light meters get confused against bright skies, but I’ve chose these deliberate silhouettes for today 🙂


The weather has begun to improve thankfully, but it was a bit late in the day to go looking for spring flowers to photograph. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow. Meanwhile, this evening I noticed that the sky was looking pretty and decided to grab my camera, tripod and laptop and have a go at a timelapse. I had a few technical hitches, like realising my laptop had barely any power, and then the software that controls the camera kept crashing for some reason … but in the end I got my shots. I took 200 shots, one every 5 seconds and this is the result. I’d like to have a better view of the sunset but I couldn’t go far, and it was really cold sat out there!

Blue Sky

edit--2No rain today! It was very cold though. I spent quite a long time outdoors as my daughter was at a Show Jumping competition, and then later we went for a walk. My fingers and toes were getting so cold! But it was lovely to see some blue sky for a change 🙂 This image is made of 3 photos taken at different exposures and brought together using HDR Efex. I tried to keep it subtle to show how it really looked to my eyes.

Autumn colour HDR


A quick set of photos taken from just outside the front door, put together in HDR Efex to allow the sky and leaves to both show up clearly. It’s a little bit odd because of a lot of ghosting as the leaves were blowing but I think it captures the scene quite well.

Cloud & Wind Time-Lapse

I’m not at work today so I decided to do some more experimenting with time-lapse. This time it was daylight which is helpful, and I had some cloud moving across the sky which makes it a whole lot more interesting. I actually did this through the living room window, which means there are a few marks here and there… I decided that as I’m just learning about this technique, I don’t mind a few marks. I’m hoping that now I’m getting the hang of it, I’ll be able to make a nicer one when weather and time allow, and I’ll do it properly outside when that day comes!


from the shadowed forest
the sky is vast
an open endless
so far away
and yet
I trail a finger
touch my tongue
and taste
the soft pink haze of cloud

Aberystwyth Castle

edit--3Today we had a little wander round Aberystwyth while we had some time to spare. We walked round the castle and along the seafront a little before it was time to go again. I liked the look of the castle ruins against the beautiful sky, and I’ve used HDR Efex Pro to pull together 3 bracketed shots to get the sky and castle looking at their best. I guess it’s not precisely realistic, but it’s close to what I saw while standing there, and I’m happy with it.

The sky really was lovely today. I took several shots of mainly sky as I liked it so much! This one has a little bit of sea, but it’s the sky that was drawing my eye 🙂


A droplet of sky


The rain and mist went away for a while today, and we had some lovely sunshine. I took a few photos round the garden, and I rather like this one. You can see the sky reflected in this droplet on an Alchemilla leaf. Makes me think that if I drank this tiny droplet I’d get to find out what the sky tastes like 🙂

Peaceful Beach Views

We went for a little trip to Aberaeron yesterday – a town down the coast road from Aberystwyth – and enjoyed a sunny (but windswept) walk by the sea around the harbour. I took lots of photos, but these ones are my favourite calm, peaceful photos of the sea, the beach and gulls flying. It wasn’t entirely peaceful with the wind in our faces, but it was lovely, even so. Hope you enjoy these photos 🙂