A droplet of sky

The rain and mist went away for a while today, and we had some lovely sunshine. I took a few photos round the garden, and I rather like this one. You can see the sky reflected in this droplet on an Alchemilla leaf. Makes me think that if I drank this tiny droplet I’d getContinue reading “A droplet of sky”

Peaceful Beach Views

We went for a little trip to Aberaeron yesterday – a town down the coast road from Aberystwyth – and enjoyed a sunny (but windswept) walk by the sea around the harbour. I took lots of photos, but these ones are my favourite calm, peaceful photos of the sea, the beach and gulls flying. ItContinue reading “Peaceful Beach Views”

Cors Caron in Spring (sort of)

A couple of days ago we went for another visit to Cors Caron. I’ve shown you photos of it in winter and in summer, and now we have spring … well, we would if it really was properly spring! At least these photos are sunny, and the ponds were only a little bit icy thisContinue reading “Cors Caron in Spring (sort of)”

Red Kites

I did get a few shots of the Red Kites yesterday. They’re not brilliant, and had to be quite heavily cropped, but I wasn’t really expecting much as I wasn’t using an appropriate lens. Bruce’s shots are better, but here are mine 🙂 The first one shows just a fraction of the number of RedContinue reading “Red Kites”

Cloudy Sea

We had a walk on the seafront today and I was experimenting with a lens I don’t often use – an 18-55mm lens. As you’ve probably gathered, I am a macro freak so going out and about without my macro lens attached to my camera feels a bit weird. It was quite cloudy, though fairlyContinue reading “Cloudy Sea”