consistently weary persistently dreary walking in a grey, drab world muffled and gruffled I continue snappily less than happily if I could clear this sleep-lack if I could only find the knack to sleep all night without a break without a wake to shift my aches and pains perhaps I’d get my focus back if…… Continue reading sleep-lack


sleep soft, love day is done sink in to night’s embrace let go, love into dreams as breathing slows it’s pace and in the morn I’ll kiss your face and laugh with you my saving grace


today morning starts softly a haze on the hills under cotton-wool clouds horizon indistinct mere smudge ‘tween sea and sky and my mind is there on that horizon wishing

sleepless night

I barely slept at all last night no thoughts were buzzing through my head just my mind was strongly set to sleep no more refusing to allow it as my body tensed clenched fearing to rest all scrunched with pain as every move is stabbing no place of comfort there and now my eyes are…… Continue reading sleepless night


in ink black night I saw you bright as neon shining beacon of home I scrambled over rocks to reach you through brambles chest high and now we rest in calmer seas and the taste of you lingers on my lips in sleep