2018 Snowdrops

Well, I posted a little while back about snowdrops through the years, but I hadn’t posted any photos from this year yet. So, here are this some of this year’s lovely snowdrops 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more spring flowers coming soon.

5 years of Snowdrops

This week, the weekly photo challenge is “Variations on a Theme”. This made me think of all the different photos I’ve taken of the same things over the years. And as the time for these is coming again soon, I thought I’d pick Snowdrops. Every year I look out for them and can’t resist a…… Continue reading 5 years of Snowdrops

Perfect Snowdrop

There are still lots of Snowdrops flowering, all opened up now, some even wider than this one. Some of them have started to look tatty though with patches of brown spoiling their lovely white petals. This one is still looking lovely and fresh, and pretty much perfect.  


I nipped out this afternoon for a brief walk in the cold wind, between downpours, and went to see the snowdrops down the road and see how they’re growing. They’re looking lovely. Not easy to get a decent shot as the light was not good, but this will have to do.