Pain & friends

I have been struggling a bit recently with my pain levels which can lead me to sink into a cloud of gloom. Pain and tiredness can bring along their lovely friends anxiety and depression and it’s easy to fall into a blue mood. Some days I struggle. And foolishly I try to pretend I’m fine. But…… Continue reading Pain & friends

Soothing Summer Wildflowers

All the lovely summer wildflowers are appearing around the village, and many of them are very busy places, filled with visitors. I’m feeling a little antsy and impatient tonight so please join me in viewing these soothing and beautiful wild summer flowers, to calm your soul and remind you of the simple joys of life…… Continue reading Soothing Summer Wildflowers

Softest Pink

Some of my favourite things to photograph are flowers, and of course I like to get up close and personal with them. At this time of year there are not many flowers out there so I’m delving through my photos from through the year. These two are from back in June. I like the softness…… Continue reading Softest Pink

Calamine Lotion Potion

I have this need to write like an itch that just won’t stop I keep on scratching with my metaphorical pen but the itch burns on it’s a need, an addiction, a have-to a desperate urge and I’m willing to write nonsense just to assuage it a salve to my soul calming my antsy spirit…… Continue reading Calamine Lotion Potion