Space in the garden

This week’s topic for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is ‘negative space‘. In terms of photography, negative space is about including more in your shot other than the subject, and allowing that quiet background to highlight the subject. I looked back at some photos I took in the garden a few weeks back and cropped someContinue reading “Space in the garden”

word space

sometimes words need space to breathe to savour each d e l i c i o u s droplet sometimes they come out in-a-rush stumbling over themselves tripping over each other in a hurry to be heard in this space my words are free to be themselves to flow with my mood swings to disobeyContinue reading “word space”

a lunchtime moment

at lunch I try to make my own little bit of space head lost in a book mind elsewhere amid the noise and babble the talking and chatter in this crowd of people (too many people) but their voices creep into my quiet and their presence can’t be ignored time flows sand falls my hourContinue reading “a lunchtime moment”