Frosty Morning

It was a frosty morning at my parents’ house this morning so I went out in the garden to see what I could see. My favourite thing was the combination of frozen and melting droplets on the grass as the sun warmed everything up. So pretty 🙂

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Transition in Season and Focus

Outside it’s full-on autumn with blustery winds and rain – not really the weather for going out for walks and taking photos – but indoors we have the Christmas tree to brighten things up, so there are still photo opportunities to be found. The season is changing and festivities are beginning. We are transitioning between seasons.

So there is a festive theme to my photos today. Not only a season transition, but my photos are transitioning from focus to out of focus, to get the shiny bokeh effect:


Generally I try to have at least part of the shot in focus, so that it’s not entirely bokeh…





Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition.

Sunshine Dragon

I absolutely love this shot I got today! The sun was coming and going as clouds kept blocking it out and I was wandering around the village pond looking out for wildlife. I came upon this dragonfly in the tall grass and as I was kneeling to get a low-down shot, the sun came out and turned it into a magical scene full of bokeh and sparkle 🙂


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Wordless Wednesday: Damselfly Sparkle

Wordless Wednesday: Damselfly Sparkle


Dandelion Droplets

The weather today is beautiful and it was a pleasure to go out on a morning walk earlier. I took many photos, as you’d expect, but these are my favourites. It was a misty morning at first so when the sun came out there was a heavy dew, leaving everything covered in shiny droplets. Even the dandelion seed heads with their soft delicate seed fluff had droplets on every piece of fluff. Like droplets of starlight.



Raindrops on Ivy

Yesterday morning it rained and rained and rained. I thought it would carry on all day. But then the sun came out, so I wrapped up warm and went out in the garden to see what I could see. Mostly what I saw was a very wet garden! The Ivy was no different, but as the sun caught it, it began to sparkle, so of course, I tried to capture that…

I love the sparkle of sunlight on the side of the big droplet here. I had to position myself very carefully to catch that.IMG_9462-Edit

This one is more subtle, but still has lots of lovely bokeh from all the sparkly raindrops.


I may slow down a bit on posts over the next few days as I’ll be back at work, so don’t be surprised if I’m a bit quiet. Hope you are all having a happy new year so far x

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

I took some close-ups of my Christmas tree just after it went up, and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I posted them here on the blog. However, that wasn’t all of them. I only included photos where something in the photo was actually in focus! There were others where it was all about the twinkle and not about focusing at all. Usually out of focus photos go in the bin, but these ones are keepers I think, with all the pretty bokeh and bright colours.




In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twinkle.”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

While there are a lot of curves in nature, there are also a lot of angles. At this time of year you can see them everywhere as the trees get bare and all the angles in the branches become visible. Then there are spiky shapes in seed heads and thorns. In this photo we have another angle in a simple stem of bamboo – one blade leans to the left as the stalk carries on straight up. The sparkling droplets are an added extra that make the shot just that bit more special 🙂


This post is for the Weekly Photo Challenge

Bejewelled Moss

IMG_8033-7More droplets today – this time on moss. As you’ll know if you’ve followed me for a while, I am rather fond of moss, and am lucky enough to have a lovely wall in my village which has a lot of patches of moss growing on it. In certain lights, at certain times of the day, the moss sporophytes can catch the light beautifully and glow like little spikes of flame. During my walk at the weekend the light was just right and the droplet covered moss sporophytes looked bejewelled with diamonds, all sparkly and lovely.


Thorny Droplet

IMG_8064-18I got out for a walk today and have taken lots of photos. This is one of my favourites. It’s lovely to get the combination of lots of droplets from the rain, but with sunshine and blue sky to make them sparkle and have pretty reflections in them. I will post more droplets over the next few days if I have the time. Hope everyone else is getting to enjoy some sunshine today too 🙂


Sparkle in her eye

edit-0796I was messing around taking close up photos of my daughter in the garden. There was a lot of giggling involved as she was trying to keep a straight face while I had the camera peering at her! I was trying to get a capture of the beauty and sparkle of her cheeky 10 year old eyes, and this one did the trick I think. She is beautiful, and the reflection of the sun just adds that extra sparkle 🙂