Easter Photo Marathon

Over the long Easter weekend, I took part in a local photo marathon: Ffoto Marathon Pasg (that’s Easter Photo Marathon in Welsh). As we’re all on lock-down, the idea was to take photos on various topics while staying at home. On each of the days of the 4-day weekend, a new topic was given outContinue reading “Easter Photo Marathon”

Christmas is Coming

Its tradition in our house to get the Christmas decorations up for 1st December. So yesterday we got started as we had a bit of time. My daughter and her friend helped to decorate the tree and drape tinsel in various places. I know some people disagree with decorating at this time and prefer toContinue reading “Christmas is Coming”

Morning Raindrops

We had some rain yesterday and overnight after a long dry period. The plants were crying out for it and so was I if I’m honest – the heat has been too much for me. This morning the sun was shining and the garden was covered in droplets so we had to pop out andContinue reading “Morning Raindrops”