Creatures of Compton Acres

Yesterday’s tiny caterpillar wasn’t the only creature spotted at Compton Acres. There sadly weren’t any dragonflies or damselflies around, probably because it was a little cooler and not their ideal conditions, but there were other creatures to be found. First this Hoverfly who seems to be rubbing its hands (legs) in glee about something, likeContinue reading “Creatures of Compton Acres”

Small World

I may not travel very far afield I do have a drive to keep wandering round the local area and peering into the lives of the insects and plants that live here. I want to see what is stirring in these days of spring, and visit the places where different types of creatures and plantsContinue reading “Small World”

Surprise Passenger

I was taking photos of Bluebells last weekend. There weren’t many yet, but they were starting to flower in the woods and elsewhere. I suspect there are more now, but it’s rainy today. Hopefully I’ll get out again sometime soon. One of them had a surprise passenger that I didn’t spot at first. Then IContinue reading “Surprise Passenger”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

I’ve spent ages pondering what photos to choose for the weekly challenge this week, veering from one angle to another. In the end I’ve gone for three quite different photos showing both actual depth and depth of field. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

Raindrops & Spiders

There’s not a lot to see in the garden this evening. It’s been raining much of the day and I took a brief potter about, but there wasn’t much sun left and it was mostly raindrops and spiders … so that is what you get! Looking forward to a week off work next week. FingersContinue reading “Raindrops & Spiders”


spiders thin and spiders tiny are greeted and appreciated for the work that they endure to rid me of the pesky flies but spiders large and spiders hairy they do not get a warm reception more an urge to scream and run so when this greeted me this morning a shriek emerged without intent aContinue reading “Spider!”