Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

I’ve spent ages pondering what photos to choose for the weekly challenge this week, veering from one angle to another. In the end I’ve gone for three quite different photos showing both actual depth and depth of field.

Looking into the depth of this lovely pink rose you can just see the golden yellow stamens deep inside
This Nursery Web Spider has made herself a deep nest web in the leaf of a Bergenia
The depth of field in this shot of a Common Green Shieldbug is very shallow. When insects face you head on, you often get this effect when you focus in on their eyes.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”


Fluorescent Spider

I had a quick potter in the front garden after work and spotted this fluorescent greeny-yellow spider on the Willow. Very bright!

She even has a red bottom! In this image she is returning to her ‘nest’, perhaps defending her babies from me!

I believe she is a Green Orb-Weaver Spider.

Raindrops & Spiders

There’s not a lot to see in the garden this evening. It’s been raining much of the day and I took a brief potter about, but there wasn’t much sun left and it was mostly raindrops and spiders … so that is what you get! Looking forward to a week off work next week. Fingers crossed for some dry weather for some walks.


spiders thin and spiders tiny
are greeted and appreciated
for the work that they endure
to rid me of the pesky flies

but spiders large and spiders hairy
they do not get a warm reception
more an urge to scream and run

so when this greeted me this morning
a shriek emerged without intent
a cartoon style jump of fright
with my eyes popping out my head

but on reflection, looking closer
(well, as close as I would dare)
isn’t he quite fascinating as he sits and ponders there?

Click the photo to see it massive … if you dare!