First Insects

Another thing I spotted while out at the weekend was a few insects. I guess the sun is bringing them out even though it’s still pretty cold with frosts some mornings. There was another big bee but he flew away before I had a chance to take a photo! I’m not entirely satisfied with theseContinue reading “First Insects”


I’ve been out and taken a few photos as I’ve been feeling a bit better. The sun has been shining and it’s lovely out, although rather cold still. Hopefully next weekend I’ll have more energy and get out more if the weather is nice again. There are quite a few yellow flowers coming out atContinue reading “Yellow”

Catkins and Other Springy Things

We went for a walk in the woods down by the river this afternoon, and I was looking out for signs of spring. There were quite a lot of catkins dangling and some lovely green fresh honeysuckle leaves (I think). Also in this group of photos is the remains of a beechnut, just the outerContinue reading “Catkins and Other Springy Things”

Spring in October

I’ve been through the dying days of autumn where all was drying, cracking, ending I’ve been through the silent days of winter where all was empty, frozen, lonely This feels like spring despite October written on the changing leaves Springtime came, false start at first with storms and sudden icy blasts of lies But thatContinue reading “Spring in October”