Ok, so what is a grid really? One definition says: a network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles. If you just take the first part, I have plenty of photos… A network of lines that cross each other … How about criss-crossing branches with a cute squirrel…… Continue reading Grids?


Today we walked down the gardens with a stash of hazelnuts, and my camera, to find some squirrels 🙂 One of my favourites was this one, who I call One-Ear since he has only got one normal ear. He was pretty tame but being terrorised by pigeons which we got rather cross with!   He…… Continue reading Squirrelling


Yesterday we went out for a morning walk before the rain arrived. It was a bit misty and cloudy but still a pleasant walk. We remembered to take a bag of hazelnuts with us in case we saw some squirrels and I’m very glad we did as there were lots around the gardens and I…… Continue reading Squirrels


I know some people dislike Grey Squirrels but I am quite fond of them. These are a couple of shots from April this year of friendly squirrels. Their friendliness may have had something to do with the bag of hazelnuts I was carrying! 🙂