Marsh Mallow

No, not the sweets, but the flowers. I have some in my garden and every time I go out with my camera I seem to take yet another photo of them. I am obsessed with getting the curly stamens in focus. Lately they have been mostly bedecked with raindrops. Please enjoy my Marsh Mallow flowers,…… Continue reading Marsh Mallow

Dog Roses

There’s a little clearing down the road where there are often bugs to be seen, but there are also some lovely Dog Roses. This photo is looking closely into the heart of the flower at the stamens. In this case the flower was unoccupied, but often you’ll find they have beetles on board. Is it…… Continue reading Dog Roses

Extreme Alstroemeria Close-ups

I decided to put an extension tube on my 100mm macro lens and get some extreme close-ups of the flowers with water droplets on them. These are photos of the alstroemeria flowers. I took these on Monday … although I think it is now next Saturday by the time you are reading this! Scheduling posts…… Continue reading Extreme Alstroemeria Close-ups