The very small snail and the very big caterpillar

Once upon a time there was a very small snail. The very small snail was lonely, just sliding around looking for a friend. Then one day he had a terrible shock. A very big caterpillar appeared. He looked so big and scary so the very small snail hid inside his shell. But the very big caterpillar wasn’t scary at all so he peeked out.

And they made friends and lived happily ever after…

Hmm maybe not the best story ever, but look how cute they are together!

The very small snail and the very big caterpillar having a meeting

Scary caterpillar close up …

“Are you staring at me?” asks the very big caterpillar

And in case you are wondering, the very big caterpillar is an Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar and is about the size of a small hotdog sausage!


A Dragon’s Tale

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A Dragon’s Tale

I spied a dragon flitting by
and when he rested ‘pon the fence
I crept towards him
pace by pace

At first from far I saw him there
some distance from me perching


Slowly I sneaked up to him
creeping onwards as he posed
back turned
he looked away


Very gently
softly tiptoed
a glimpse of his eyes
the wished-for prize


And gazing on his beauty
I wondered at my luck
I feared I’d scare him
come unstuck


We looked upon each other
found that neither were a threat
no fire came out from his mouth
I did not carry a net


So dragon and I
we held our gaze
his eyes ablaze
I thanked him for his time
he slipped away
across the fields
and meet again we may