this mirror-me stares back impassively skin more lined now perhaps a hint of grey amid the blonde tired but happy her strength shows in a defiant smile a lop-sided grin not allowing fears and worries to swallow her up and pull her down scars still there from hurts and mistakes but now older, wiser forgivenContinue reading “self-perception”

fighting for spring

despite winter’s lingering grip with frozen roots and shivering stems we haul ourselves upright to bloom to open up our delicate hearts and show the world that we are strong we will not lie down in the ice and let it trap us in its depths we will not cool our golden souls but standContinue reading “fighting for spring”

remember this …

when darkness falls as thick as death and all you see is in your head when ice surrounds as cold as night and all you feel is frozen numb when everything’s impossible and all you do is just exist remember this … the light will come hope will return your heart will thaw this willContinue reading “remember this …”